Silver Jewellery



The pendants come in a range of shapes and sizes.  I have 3 styles of hearts alone!  There are also tear drops, birds, circles, flowers, stars, moons, ovals, squares to name a few.  If you are looking for something unique just ask!
Small Pendant/Charm
Fingerprint £30    Dinky £40
Regular Pendant
Fingerprint £40    Dinky £50
Large Pendant
Fingerprint £55     Dinky £65
Dogtag add Split Ring for Keyring (see below)
Fingerprint £80    Dinky £90
Descending Pendant Small (Regular & Charm)
Fingerprint £70    Dinky £90
Descending Pendant Regular (Large & Charm)
Fingerprint £85    Dinky £105
Descending Pedant Large (Large & Regular)
Fingerprint £120    Dinky £120
Triple Descending (Large, Regular & Charm)
Fingerprint £125    Dinky £155
Pandora Compatible Bead (Dinky only)
Dinky £70
ID Style Bracelets
Rectangle or Oval - Various colours  
Ladies Regular    £95
Ladies Large    £115
Mens Regular    £115
Mens Large    £135
Eclipse Range - Pendants 'Eclipsed' by a beautiful patterned silver piece
Eclipse Charm
Fingerprint £45    Dinky £55
Eclipse Regular
Fingerprint £65    Dinky £75
Eclipse Large
Fingerprint £85    Dinky £95


Cufflinks Circle/Square

Fingerprint £90    Dinky £100
Cufflinks Oval
Fingerprint £120    Dinky £130

Name Tag up to 7 digits    £20
Sterling Silver Key Ring Oval/Heart/Round £15
Silver Plated Book Mark     £10
Pandora Style Sterling Silver Carrier Small    £10
Pandora Style Sterling Silver Carrier Large    £15
Lobster Clasp Sterling Silver    £10
22ct gold inlay    £15 per piece
Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace £15

Silver Plated Swarovski Birth Stone £5