I'm always happy to receive your queries impressceramicsandsilver@gmail.com but you may just find the answer below


Can you take a fingerprint from a baby?   The silver will show as much or as little as is developed on your child's finger/putty impression and can not be enhanced.  If your child hasn't developed their print (can take up to 18 months) I would advise opting for a beautiful Dinky instead.

Can I have a name/date added to the piece?  Yes at no added cost, although you may lose some of the fingerprint and it will depend on the size of piece chosen.

Is it really silver?  Yes!  Your finished piece is 99.9% pure silver, a higher calibre than sterling silver.

Can I return my item?  If I have started work on your bespoke piece unfortunately the order can not be cancelled.  Your statutory rights are not affected.

Can I use a hand or footprint which wasn't taken using your kit?  Yes, just send a quality photocopy or scan and email it to impressceramics@btinternet.com  

Do I have to visit you?  No, you can do it all by post.  It really is that simple.

How do you take the prints?  It depends on what you have chosen.  Fingerprints are captured in a specialist putty and Dinky's use an inkless print kit.

Does it take long? Expect your piece within 2-3 weeks after order and payment has been received.

Does it cost more if I choose to have more than one hand/foot print on the same piece?  No, the cost is calculated via the size of the pendant chosen.  If I can fit it, you can have it.

What does postage / shipping  cost?  UK Standard £4, Bracelets £5, Cufflinks £5, Special Delivery £6.


What is the best age to capture my child's prints in Ceramics?  Any! There are no age restrictions on ceramic prints.
How do I arrange to have a Ceramic Impression taken? Send an email to impressceramics@btinternet.com  You can also watch my Facebook Page to see if I'm attending an event near you.  Please let me know beforehand if you're wanting prints taken at an event.

How long does a ceramic impression take? The actual impression is very quick and will only take a few moments.  Due to the drying process please allow 4-6 weeks for your finished piece.
Will my ceramic print be the same colour as I choose? The colour may vary slightly on the finished print.